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  • Webinar: Sustainability in Architecture including AI and the Tech Carbon Standard

The event will cover the role of architecture and technology in transitioning to a sustainable economy including the Tech Carbon Standard.

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The crucial role of sustainability in architecture, presented by Oliver Cronk. As businesses face the challenge of enabling a sustainable, circular economy by 2030, architects are ideally placed to lead the charge on the required transition. In this webinar, Oliver will discuss the evolution of operating model contexts from exploitative to regenerative, and the importance of the circular economy model. He will also address the double-edged sword of technology, exploring both its positive and negative impacts on sustainability. Key topics include: Identifying significant areas of the tech landscape that impact sustainability, such as energy consumption, embodied carbon, e-waste, and mining.

The push for "carbon aware" solutions in the tech industry and the need for "grid aware" solutions for scalability and reduced fossil fuel usage. The implications of AI for sustainability and the need to curtail its frivolous use. Making sustainability a first-class citizen in architecture, educating stakeholders, and being conscientious in principles and strategies.

Oliver will also invite collaboration through the CAF Sustainability Topic, the Tech Carbon Standard, and contributing to the BTABoK Sustainable Architecture Content. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how you can make a positive impact on the future of architecture and sustainability.

About the speaker

Oliver Cronk

Oliver has been a MBCS CITP since 2011 and has worked in technology since the late 90s with a diverse background in technology and sustainability. His expertise spans across multiple domains, including: Software and Infrastructure Engineering Energy and Environmental Consultancy Technical Architecture in the Energy Sector and various other sectors Chief and Enterprise Architect roles Oliver's passion for creating a better future through architecture is evident in his work on #ArchitectTomorrow, a podcast with a focus on designing sustainable solutions for the future. He currently leads the Sustainable Architecture practice at Scott Logic, a B Corp certified Software and Data Consultancy.

With his unique blend of technical expertise and sustainability knowledge, Oliver is well-equipped to guide organisations through the transition towards sustainable and regenerative practices. His experience in energy and environmental consultancy, coupled with his technical architecture background, allows him to provide valuable insights on the role of technology in enabling a sustainable future.

Through his speaking engagements and thought leadership, Oliver aims to inspire and empower architects and technology leaders to embrace sustainability as a core pillar of their work, driving positive change in the industry and beyond.

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Webinar: Sustainability in Architecture including AI and the Tech Carbon Standard
Date and time
Wednesday 1 May, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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