The webinar will introduce AI in PM use cases and their benefits.


Lloyd Skinner is CEO & Founder, Greyfly Limited


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Research shows project failure rates continue to be alarmingly high. Momentum is growing regarding the application of computer-based automation [AI] tools to support project delivery and potentially address this challenge. The webinar will introduce AI in PM use cases and their benefits. It will also introduce the current state of AI project tools and the market direction for these project tools. It will conclude with an approach to a company’s journey into AI in project management to enable improved project success.

About the speaker

Lloyd Skinner is CEO & Founder, Greyfly Limited. He has 25 plus years of project experience working in multiple sectors in both project support and delivery roles. He has managed major transformations programmes underpinned by infrastructure refresh. For the last 2+ years, he has lead Greyfly who are preferred suppliers to the BBC for programme management and have been developing services regarding AI in PM that tackle the real project delivery problem.


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Webinar: AI in Project Management
Date and time
22 September, 6:25pm - 8:00pm