Adel Salem Alkaff Al Hashmi has played a highly significant role in the development of BCS within the Middle East. He has created not just an International Section but almost a “BCS subsidiary” in the United Arab Emirates. This has allowed BCS to get a foothold within the region - not just the UAE, but the whole Middle East, and this in turn has enabled various key products to be successfully taken to market. Adel has facilitated signing MoUs with many reputed UAE Universities both Government and Private.

The two key successes here are BCS Examinations where Adel Al Hashmi has worked tirelessly to ensure that BCS Exams are accepted onto the various Middle Eastern syllabuses putting his connections to great use. This market is seen as the next area to move into the Examination business and this certainly could not be achieved without such a committed local BCS “ambassador”.

The same can also be said about the ISEB business. The Middle East is the first region to be seriously marketed to and without a strong local presence this would not be achievable. This region is already showing significant returns.

As well as the commercial activities, Adel Al Hashmi also successfully organized and Chaired significant international ICT conferences in the region which are seen as extremely important to the development of IT in those countries. So much so that Ministers, Ambassadors (including the UK Ambassador) and Senior Business Leaders are frequent attendees and keynote speakers.

These events apart from enabling our commercial activities also greatly raise the profile of BCS throughout the region. There is much competition in this area from other “international” institutions and Adel’s efforts have ensured that BCS is the leading Institute at this time.

Outside of this work, Adel has been a leading light in the recruitment of Members for the BCS. He is perhaps the top nominator and recommender of Members and Fellows in the Society.

His work with the Section has been impressive. From a standing start he has created perhaps the most impressive International Section within the BCS. Most members here are not the typical BCS ex-pats but are locals who, thanks to Adel, see great value in the BCS. This has not been a gathering together of BCS members who live in the area; rather it has been a creation from scratch of a section with a recruitment drive to enable it. Adel also supported sub-sections in GCC Countries; namely Bahrain & KSA.

Given Adel Salem Alkaff Al Hashmi’s enormous contributions to the BCS in the Middle East and to the development of IT as a whole within the Middle East, I have no hesitation in recommending him for Honorary Fellowship. I hope this will be given serious consideration by your committee.