As the Chartered Institute for IT, our role includes rewarding and recognising talent and excellence in our community. Over time, with the advancements and challenges our industry has faced we must now adapt the way we recognise excellence to ensure we engage, identify and celebrate teams and individuals across the whole of our community.

It is time to reimagine our approach and design a Reward and Recognition response that is fit for the modern world, one that is built on the foundation of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We will be designing our approach to ensure we recognise excellence across the board, including where it has previously been under-represented; celebrating collaboration, diversity, skills, knowledge and individuals at all stages in their career who all play a vital role in our community.

Whilst we undertake this significant piece of work, we have decided to pause applications for the Lovelace Medal and the Needham Award. Please keep an eye on our website for further updates and announcements.