2022 key criteria

We are looking to recognise the organisations that have demonstrated excellence in their industry during the past 12 months.

The awards seek to reward organisations who have contributed to the development and deployment of innovative IT systems that improve business operations or enhance public services.

Entries can be submitted by IT vendors nominating their customers or themselves, from companies / public bodies or individuals wishing to recognise their own organisations’ efforts. IT vendors nominating their customers should ensure that they have the necessary consent and ideally a customer representative as part of the presentation team.

The awards in this category will be judged against four key criteria:

Entrants should provide:

A maximum 500-word explanation for how they meet each of the four criteria, plus a maximum 250-word summary of why they believe they should win this award.

Each entry requires:

  • Organisational overview (80 words), which can be used for PR purposes
  • Four sections detailing achievements against each of the four criteria above (up to 500 words each)
  • A summary statement (up to 250 words)

All sections of the form must be completed.

2022 awards

The awards in the Organisational Excellence category are:

Best Place to Work in IT 2022

Awarded to the organisation that provides the best employment and career opportunities for IT professionals as well as demonstrating a positive commitment to diversity and inclusion The winner will be an organisation that its IT employees view as a great place to work; that can demonstrate improvements to the diversity and inclusiveness of its staff; that values the role of IT and the professionalism of the staff that provide and support it, offering career and skills development, reward and recognition for personal achievement and industry-leading employment benefits. Metrics showing how the organisation’s inclusivity has improved in recent years will be helpful.

Development Team of the Year

Awarded to the team or department that best demonstrates how its work has helped achieve or exceed objectives and contribute to the overall competitiveness and/or success of the organisation during the previous 12 months. The winning entry will show how important the development team is to the business, and what steps it took to accomplish its goals.

IT Project Team of the Year

Awarded to an outstanding project team that has implemented an end-user project that has been exceptionally well-managed. The winning team will demonstrate against the four criteria how well the project has been run and what lessons have been learnt, how customer expectations have been surpassed, innovation introduced by the project and measurable outcomes for the project.

IT Team of the Year

Awarded to the company or public body that demonstrates how the development or implementation of its IT strategy has helped to meet objectives, achieve greater competitiveness or improve public services during the past 12 months. The winning organisation will show how IT is fundamental to achieving business goals.

Services Company of the Year

Awarded to recognise excellence in the provision of IT systems, the winner will be a supplier of hardware, software and/or IT services that has achieved significant business success in the past 12 months and can demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction and business benefits from the users of its products and services.

Special award

In order to recognise the significant impact of the global pandemic on the IT sector, a special award will be awarded this year. Entries to these categories will need to address the four criteria above and will be judged in the usual manner.

Special award - Organisational exit from the pandemic

This award will go to the organisation that can demonstrate innovative and effective changes made in response to the pandemic and how the lessons learned will be applied in future years. Judges will be looking to see a measurable impact of the changes / project.