Cyber specialist 
A crimefighter for the digital age, you'll using your cyber skills to stay one step ahead of the online perps. You'll defend against spear-phishers, tailgaters, trojans, botnets, spoofers and spammers, spyware, ransomware, viruses and worms. They're out to find your IT vulnerabilities, steal your data and corrupt your systems. But you deploy an epic toolkit of tactics to keep your digital landscape safe from harm.
Career outlook...

Incident responder
Chief security
Where do I start?

Get to grips with the data protection laws by taking our foundation course — or experience real-world cyber threats as a level 3 cybersecurity apprentice

Pick up security tips from the professionals in our renowned Information Security specialist group (ISSG) or expert Cybercrime Forensics group

Our new title uncovers the murky world of Cybercrime with case studies and practical advice for keeping yourself protected (25% off for members)

Top 3 skills
  • Curiosity: here's a career where it pays to be naturally inquisitive and continually question how things are being done
  • Attention to detail: it’s often the little things that count, especially when it comes to detecting digital vulnerabilities
  • Interpersonal skills: ultimately, cyber security is about people and educating your colleagues to be cybersmart
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