Data analyst 
From retail and finance to healthcare and biotech, every company in the world relies on data-driven insight to make all the right problem-solving, sales-boosting, money-saving, even life-saving decisions! And data analysts know just how to get to that insight. As an analyst, you'll be an expert at finding patterns and trends in data, and communicating the intel in a way that helps your organisation to adapt and thrive.
Career outlook...

Data technician
Analytics manager
Chief data officer
Where do I start?

Kickstart your analytics journey in the workplace on a level 3 data technician apprenticeship, or level 4 data analyst apprenticeship

Come to our next Data Management specialist group meet-up where you can get to know real-life data analysts and find out what makes them tick

How about some background reading with our Data Analyst role book or practical guide to Driving Data Projects — members get 25% off both titles!

Top 3 skills
  • Communication: because you need to be able to explain your technical findings to non-technical clients and colleagues
  • Maths: if you want to be a good data analyst you have to have a good head and passion for numbers
  • Sector knowledge: understanding the field you’re working in is crucial for providing context to your data findings
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