Data scientist 
Data's the gold mine in business today and you're the one mining its value! As a data scientist, you dig out precious insights from complex datasets, using advanced techniques to develop models that forecast future trends and activity. From optimising marketing strategies and refining product experiences, to predicting clinical outcomes, through your mastery you surface the treasure to be found in the data.
Career outlook...

Junior data
Analytics manager
Chief data officer
Where do I start?

Develop your skills for harnessing data insight and hone your strategic prowess by studying the BCS Professional Certificate in Data Analysis 

Tap into our Data Management specialist group — a supportive hub for data scientists who are driving the responsible use of data in organisational success

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Top 3 skills
  • Curiosity: you'll need a passion for unravelling the mysteries and the insight that can be found in every data set
  • Maths: it's the foundation for understanding patterns in data, accurately predicting trends and making informed decisions
  • Machine learning: building tools that learn from the data helps you to gather more and identify patterns faster
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