DevOps engineer 
You’re the bridge between IT development and operations — hence the name. You understand both areas well. You know what both teams need and you help them work together to deliver seamless tech services and solutions for the organisation. And when new software is needed, you help facilitate its fast and effective deployment. This makes you a key player in every industry around the world!
Career outlook...

Operations engineer
DevOps associate
Senior DevOps engineer
Where do I start?

Develop your knack for DevOps as a level 4 apprentice or you can self-study for our Foundation Certificate in DevOps exam

Meet our DevSecOps specialist group — there’s no better place to connect with others in the field and learn about the techniques and tools of the trade

Explore the DevOps brain fodder in our online book store including Agile from First Principles and Digital Solutions (2nd edition).

Top 3 skills
  • Communication: you need the skills to break down barriers and engage with everyone in a cross-functional team
  • Coding: with solid coding skills you can get hands-on and understand dev challenges on a granular level
  • Problem-solving: to improve IT workflows you have to identify problems and find solutions
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