Digital marketer 
As a digital marketer, you’ll combine your creative flair and technical wizardry to conjure up content and campaigns that reach out to all the right people. Websites, emails, social posts, videos, blogs... they’re all pieces of the puzzle. You’ll spend time analysing the online behaviours and preferences of your customers so you know when and where to find them and how to invest your time and budget for maximum exposure.
Career outlook...

Marketing assistant
Digital campaign
Head of marketing
Where do I start?

Start applying your digital know-how and creative ideas to real marketing projects by taking a multi-channel marketer apprenticeship.

Join the UK’s professional body for tech and network with other digital experts in our Information Retrieval specialist group.

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Top 3 skills
  • Creativity: if you often have original ideas that stand you out from the crowd, a marketing career will suit you well
  • Analytical skills: data-driven insight is key to your success as well as learning from past campaign performance
  • Psychology: the better you understand human behaviour, the more closely you can connect with your target audiences
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