You have the passion and determination it takes to be a business owner. Running your own show won't be a walk in the park, but you're ready to embrace the challenges and carve out your path to success. As a visionary, you'll need to define the goals, values and strategies that'll keep everything running smoothly. After all, it's your ideas and leadership that'll shape the future of your business.
Career outlook...

Startup founder
Serial entrepreneur
Venture capitalist
Where do I start?

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Entrepreneurship isn't easy, but our Entrepreneurs specialist group can help! Connect with like-minded innovators to share ideas and motivations

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Top 3 skills
  • Resilience: staying determined in the face of challenges means you bounce back stronger from any setbacks
  • Resourcefulness: exploring different solutions and making the most of what’s available to you can underpin your success
  • Networking: a good network helps bring opportunities your way so build connections wherever you can