Social media manager 
Turn your love of social media into a career, using your skills to connect with customers and big-up a brand! In today's digital age, social media managers are essential if companies want to stay relevant to their switched-on customers. Your job is to bring business personalities to life through eye-catching messages, videos and visuals — keeping a finger on the pulse of every new trend so you never miss an opportunity to engage with your audiences.
Career outlook...

Social media
Content specialist
Social media
Where do I start?

Get on our content creator apprenticeship pathway and master knowledge and skills that are vital for an aspiring social media manager

Get involved in our Agile Methods specialist group to network and share ideas about adaptable management approaches

Immerse yourself in books like Writing for Social Media and find out more about effective online strategies — BCS members get 25% off

Top 3 skills
  • Content creation: you'll need creativity flowing through your veins and the skills to create content for different platforms
  • Adaptability: keeping on top of trends means embracing new ideas, staying flexible and thriving on change
  • Community engagement: growing a lively following means tuning into your community while staying true to your brand's values