Software developer 
As a software developer, you create the programs that make tech do what we want it to do — creating apps that help us organise our lives, developing games that fill up our downtime and setting up websites and operating systems that power every industry. You’ll team up with stakeholders to understand what’s needed, then use your problem solving and coding skills to create programs that deliver the brief.
Career outlook...

Software engineer
Full-stack developer
Development manager
Where do I start?

Master your coding skills by getting hands-on real-world experience as a L3 software developer technician or L4 software developer apprentice.

Get to know other developers in our Open Source and Software Testing groups where you can learn best practice and discuss all things dev.

Lose yourself in a BCS book, like Software Development in Practice or our Software Developer IT role guide – members get 25% off every title!

Top 3 skills
  • Programming: with a good grounding in Python or JavaScript you can start creating functional and efficient code
  • Problem-solving: all dev work starts by breaking down complex challenges into smaller, manageable parts
  • Critical thinking: coders are experts at making logical, informed decisions which optimise their programming
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