UX/UI designer 
As a UX/UI designer, you’ll craft seamless digital experiences in tech, travel, retail, healthcare, finance and beyond. Guided by data-driven research, you’ll create the blueprints that deliver precisely what's needed, always keeping the user in mind. Armed with aesthetics, user alignment and teamwork, you fuel user satisfaction and business triumph in the dynamic digital world.
Career outlook...

UX/UI intern
Team lead
Senior UX/UI designer
Where do I start?

Get your BCS user experience (UX) design certification and steer your journey towards crafting exceptional user experiences

Get involved in our Digital Accessibility specialist group — championing online accessibility and promoting the importance of inclusive design

Delve into User Experience Foundations and User Acceptance Testing: A Step-by-Step Guide — essential for UX designers (25% off for members)

Top 3 skills
  • Research: uncover user needs and behaviours to design resonating experiences that meet user expectations
  • Problem-solving: tackle challenges, transforming insights into intuitive solutions for brilliant user experiences
  • Design: blend visuals with functionality, sculpting engaging interfaces to guide seamless user interactions