Connect with the wider data science community to share knowledge and grow your network.

Gain professional recognition for the skills you have.

Help promote professional standards to ensure the ethical and professional use of data.

Demonstrate your competence and experience to colleagues, employers and wider society.

What is AfDSP?

While the skills of data scientists are increasingly in demand BCS has been working in collaboration with a number of other bodies to develop a professional framework for those working within the field.

These new industry-wide standards look to address current issues, such as data breaches, the misuse of data in modelling and bias in artificial intelligence. They can give people confidence that their data is being used ethically, stored safely and analysed robustly.

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When can I apply?

Once you’ve become a BCS member, you’ll need to evidence your competence and knowledge in a written application providing statements against the AfDSP criteria.

If you’re already a BCS member, you can access the AfDSP application process in MyBCS.

How to apply

You’ll need to submit a series of statements describing your experience against the AfDSP criteria.

Here's a useful guide to completing your application.

You need a supporter to verify your information

Your supporter should be somebody that is familiar with your work and able to offer a reliable opinion of your knowledge and experience. We'll ask them to review your application before confirming their support.

Your application will be assessed by an assessor

After your supporter has responded, your application will be assessed by a BCS Volunteer Assessor who has undergone Assessor Training. Their recommendation will then be passed on to you following the assessment. The assessor may be in contact should they require any additional information.

What happens when I become a Data Science Professional?

On registration, you’re awarded the appropriate certificate, which you can hold as proof of your registration.

Get involved

Your knowledge, experience and opinion are valuable commodities which you can invest in BCS to support your CPD as well as the development of our industry.

  • Mentoring network - inspiring another person, and seeing them progress and benefit from your insight, is a hugely rewarding experience.
  • Volunteering - grow your professional network and the profile of your field, by taking an active role in the running of our membership community.


As part of your new registration we recommend that you keep you CPD up to date.

As a BCS member, you can access a wide range of professional development opportunities, as well as resources and tools to help you plan and record your CPD activities, including BCS Discover.

Become a Chartered IT Professional

If you apply to become an Advanced Data Science professional and are successful, you can apply to become a registered as a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and we will waive the joining fee.

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The Alliance for Data Science Professionals (AfDSP) comprises of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the Royal Statistical Society, the Operational Research Society, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the Alan Turing Institute, and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and is backed by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society.