To submit your application please download and complete this form.

Please forward your completed form and a copy of an up-to-date CV to us at

You will be asked:

  1. Why you would like to become an assessor
  2. What relevant experience you can bring to the role
  3. How you would fit the assessor role into your existing commitments

Your application will be reviewed by a panel of current assessors and if approved you will be invited to undertake training for the relevant assessor role.

When will my application be reviewed and what are the timescales to get through the process?

A panel of assessors reviews applications every quarter.

When you send your application to us it will be acknowledged and you will be advised when to expect to know if it has been approved.

If your application is approved you will be invited to complete the online training which is specific for each assessor role. The training ensures you are up to date with the assessment criteria and are familiar with the processes and procedures you will need to follow.

Training for all roles is completed remotely at a time to suit you and should take no more than 5 hours. You can complete the training over several sessions but it is asked that you try and complete the training within a 2-3 week window.

When you have completed the training you will be supported in your early assessments by experienced assessors. You will have the opportunity to observe interviews and connect with experienced assessors as you come up to speed in your role.