Evidence your skills and experience to employers, clients and the wider industry

Show you're committed to professional standards and to developing your capability

Raise your profile with internationally-recognised letters EngTech after your name

Enjoy new career opportunities and greater influence in your business

Is it for me?

EngTech registration demonstrates your ability and professionalism in applying proven techniques and procedures to deliver practical engineering technology solutions.

You’re ready for EngTech if you:

  • Use engineering knowledge to apply technical and practical skills.
  • Identify problems and apply appropriate methods to deliver solutions.
  • Use resources effectively to complete tasks.
  • Accept responsibility for your own work and/or that of others.
  • Always bring quality and integrity to your work.

What are the requirements?

How to apply

You’ll need to evidence your knowledge and experience in a written application. Members can access the application process in MyBCS.

1. Your first step is to complete the application form

You need to complete a series of statements demonstrating how you meet the criteria for EngTech registration. You also have to provide your CV and information about your experience and qualifications and CPD activity plan.

2. You need a supporter to verify your information

Your supporter could be an employer, client or colleague. They need to be working at your level or above and able to offer a reliable opinion of your knowledge and experience. We'll ask them to review your application before confirming their support.

3. You will follow the experiential route

Our assessors will review your application and CV to ensure you have the knowledge and experience required to meet the registration criteria. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible in your application, including any relevant academic or vocational qualifications that you hold.

If you're unable to provide enough clear evidence to support an experiential route to EngTech, we will contact you to discuss other options available to you.

4. What happens when I become EngTech?

Professional recognition
Use your EngTech post-nominal letters to confirm your new status to employers, colleagues and customers.

Continuing professional development
As an EngTech registrant you’re required to maintain your competence and keep a record of your CPD activities. We may ask you at any time to provide your CPD record which needs to show what you learnt or achieved.

You can refer to the Engineering Council CPD Code for Registrants for guidance.

Get involved
Your knowledge, experience and opinion are valuable commodities which you can invest in BCS to support your CPD as well as the development of our industry.

  • Mentoring network - inspiring another person, and seeing them progress and benefit from your insight, is a hugely rewarding experience.
  • Volunteering - grow your professional network and the profile of your field, by taking an active role in the running of our membership community.

What does it cost?

One-off application fee £35.70

EngTech Registration entry fee £20.66

Annual EngTech Registration fee £22.34