What is the BCS Wales Hub?

Explore the BCS Wales Hub in Welsh at Cyfieithiad Cymraeg.

The BCS Wales Hub convenes employers, educators and individuals to:

  • Help people to access a rewarding and purposeful career in Digital/Tech
  • Support and create a culture of ethical and competent professionals
  • Exchange knowledge between industry and academia
  • Curate development of individuals to meet the needs of education, industry and wider society
  • Collaborate to support talent acquisition and retention
  • Help policy makers to understand the digital labour market and make contextually relevant recommendations to support social and economic development

Who can join?

BCS Hubs are led by an appointed Community Leader, supported by a BCS Regional Development Manager and Secretariat, Hub members typically include:

  • Employers who have made a commitment to an ethical and competent profession through membership and or skills assurance.
  • Representatives from BCS accredited universities
  • Partner
  • Chairs of BCS branches

The BCS Wales Hub, is a strategic group that works collaboratively as a committee to share expertise and insight to understand and address challenges which limit the IT profession from delivering social and economic benefit in Wales.


Working with academia and industry, product research that enables an evidence based approach to understanding and addressing challenge areas.


Collaboratively develop and deliver programmes of work that can create a step change in addressing issues such as the skills deficit, inclusion and supporting socio economic growth through a strong IT Profession.


Working alongside BCS branches and partner networks curate a community network to support growth of professionals and inspire people into the profession.

Supporting the BCS Wales Hub...

Want to become a BCS Wales Hub partner? Get in touch at bcshubs@bcs.uk

Want to get involved?

If you work in the tech sector in Wales and are committed to developing your region’s digital potential, then we want to hear from you!