We are a global network; we welcome everyone to what we do, and we build empowering support and education programmes with women and girls in mind.

And we have a team who are particularly keen on making sure women and girls in Scotland get the local support they need. This is BCSWomen Scotland; it’s not a different group to BCSWomen, more of a subset!

As a charity with a royal charter, the BCS agenda is to lead the IT industry through its ethical challenges, to support the people who work in the industry, and to make IT good for society. BCSWomen is the group that is working towards ensuring tech is a great place for all girls and women. Our team in Scotland is doing just that for folks in the UK north of the border. We’ve run events with Girl Guides, confidence workshops, explored ethics of what we do with data, and so much more.

What we’re up to

You can find our events in the list alongside all the BCSWomen events

BCSWomen Scotland