My TechUpWomen Journey began with a tweet by Jess Phillips MP.

Amber Marshall

It was a retweet of Professor Sue Black encouraging people to apply to the scheme, and Jess wrote simply “Apply for this people. Sue is always to be followed in my opinion”. Of course, as always seems to be the way with me, the deadline was midnight, and I saw it at 11:30pm!

I stayed up late into the night cobbling together a CV and a whispered application video. I don’t think I really expected to be accepted. Yes, I’ve been interested in tech since I coded on Commodore 64s and BBC micros (computers of the 1980s) as a kid, but I didn’t have any formal tech experience or training. I’ve just always been the person in the office who believed tech could and should work, somehow, and I’ve done a lot of Googling over the years!”

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