FDisruptors exists to mobilise more girls and women into tech and changing the stark statistics that currently only 17% of IT positions are filled by women and of those who enter into the workplace 45% of them leave mid career.

One of the key influencing factors for girls and women choosing a career in tech is bringing a wider range of role models closer to girls at an age when their career choices are heavily influenced by the stories of others who have gone before them. These role models need to be aspirational yet also feel real and achievable.

They need to be from a wide range of careers, sectors and backgrounds and have an extensive array of different paths into tech – they also need to be able to give clear direction about the impact that choosing a career in tech can have within the world of work and the lives of those around us.

Hearing these stories will empower the girls to create their own story and to find their voice by being inspired by others who have already done so and have forged a career within tech.

Being a role model for FDisruptors is an important task. We will be taking ten girls aged 14-18 through a pilot scheme where we will look to enable girls to believe that they can be or do anything – it is our belief that when you give any girl or woman this power their career path naturally opens up and feel achievable – you will play a key part in this process.

Each girl will be matched with four role models throughout the six month course and each will relate to the four stages that they will be taken through – ‘Believe’ ‘Build’ ‘Grow’ ‘Thrive’ – when you are matched with a girl you will meet them face to face for one session at the start and then you will continue contact with them throughout the next six weeks.

The amount you connect and how (Skype / Facetime) will be dependent upon you – we are very happy for the contact to be online and will be related to where your ‘FDisruptor’ feels she needs most help with.

The purpose of this pairing of the FDisruptors to a role model is vital so that:

  • They can hear your story, career path, challenges and highlights and gain a real sense of the world of tech
  • They can gain real time advice and support from someone who has already forged a career in tech
  • They can practice their communication skills, build their network and build their confidence whilst working alongside you
  • They learn to ask for help and also gain an insight into the softer skills required to create a long term career in tech

From day one you will form part of the Fdisruptor community and will be considered a real part of the family during our six months together and beyond. The purposes of the pilot is to build an online resource that can then be rolled out nationally in 2017 – in essence you will be working alongside me to build my start-up and to test my theory that getting more girls into tech requires giving them self-belief and confidence as well as skills and careers advice that is much more all encompassing than it is now and that by disrupting this space we can build a resource that will stay with them for a lifetime.

There will also be opportunities to attend some key trips to Newcastle and London where the girls will both launch and graduate amongst other great supporters of the FDisruptor journey – we really hope that you will want to be part of this. Thanks you for your interest and we look forward to speaking to you