Introduction to creative AI

Whilst in lockdown I’ve done a few online courses, and can recommend “Introduction to Creative AI” on FutureLearn.

I work in AI, so knew a lot of the AI stuff already. In my spare time I like to draw and paint, and so have been interested for a while in ways that computing and AI can feed into art (and vice versa). This course gave me a really clear overview of the use of AI in art, and introduced me to the work of a few artists who I’m reading more about now.

I particularly liked the way they introduced Weka – a machine learning tool which can be quite tricky to use for beginners – through the medium of a front end known as the wekinator. I’d not seen that before but it lets people without AI and machine learning experience build simple models from examples. I won’t use it in my own AI work but I may well consider using it in teaching.

If anyone else has done any cool courses over the lockdown period, it’d be good if you could write up a short thing for our WWW – it’s a nice way to share things with the members and also to keep the site ticking over with new content.

Hannah Dee