In March 2017, Sarah Burnett, chair of BCSWomen, launched the brand new AI Accelerator for BCSWomen in association with BCS AI Special Interest Group (SIG).

Based on broadcasts, panel sessions and social media discussions, about Artificial Intelligence (AI), its prime purpose is to make AI more relevant to women and encourage more females into computing. It is free – and open to men as well.

We hope women will sign up in their droves to  AI Accelerator and see just what opportunities there are.

AI Accelerator talks and events

Our first event was a live webcast held on March 30. Two prestigious industry figures joined Sarah Burnett for the launch broadcast: Dr Hannah Dee of Aberystwyth University talked about the science of AI, and Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton, looked at how AI is being applied.

Part one

A replay of part one, Hannah’s talk can be accessed here: March 30 2017 AI Accelerator Talk – Part 1: Introduction to AI

Part two

Hear from Andrew Anderson about how AI helps organisations to manage their customer services teams and allow them to process more information in less time!

NOTE: Re-recorded on May 17 2017, due to sound issues with previous recording.