BCSWomen is collaborating with the Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign and other industry and educational partners to continue to encourage more girls and women into STEM careers, not to lose momentum on this important work during the COVID19 crisis.

5 actions we are taking to make a difference:

  • Tell positive stories about the way women are making a difference in this current pandemic
  • Keeping connected to STEM women whilst on furlough, working from home, caring for children or relatives and whilst their workplaces, schools, colleges and universities are closed. We will need their skills to help the economy bounce back
  • Addressing STEM skills shortages by providing women at risk of losing their jobs access to online technical training
  • Monitoring gender impact of decisions about employment, education and caring roles during the pandemic to ensure women are not disproportionately affected.
  • Embracing new ways of working to transform our organisations for the long-term; including flexibility, online meetings, reduced travel which improve inclusion, productivity, health and well-being and benefit the environment.

For more details please check out the WISE website and our events calendar to find out about virtual events that we are running in support of the above and our on-going support for women in technology.

Sarah Burnett, BCSWomen Chair