Many congratulations on being elected onto the BCS Council to Paula Clarendon, Irene Glendinning, Rubi Kaur, Haiyan Wu, and Gillian Arnold as Vice-President, Trustee Director BCS Learning & Development Ltd.

Paula is Secretary of Project Management SG (PROMS-G), an active member of various BCS groups and branches, and has Customer focused IT experience in Project Management, Product Development, Training, and Technical Support.

Irene has been actively involved in various BCS activities for many years. She is currently chair of BCS Coventry Branch and a member of BCS Membership Board. She is also founder and co-leader of the Computing at School Coventry and Warwickshire Teachers’ Hub.

Rubi is a Fellow of the BCS and serves on the committee for BCSWomen and on the SteerCo for the Vodafone Group Womens network, where she leads the “Inspiring Leadership” Programme, to further the advancement of women in technology.

Haiyan has been serving as the West London Branch Secretary since 2011 and also the Membership Secretary since 2014. She has been a BCS Best Practice Committee member since 2014 to engaging the development and sharing best practice between BCS Member Groups.

Gillian has been the chair of BCSWomen since September 2011 with a dedication to the interest in the role of women in IT, Science and Engineering. Currently she is also a Non-Executive Director for the WISE encouraging women to take up and stay in careers in STEM industries.