Huge congratulations to BCS Fellow, Prof Muffy Calder; recognised as a Dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list: “A tireless advocate for science and an inspirational role model for future generations of scientists and for women in science”.

Dame Muffy Calder

A leading researcher in computer science, Prof Calder said her field is a great community to work in, adding that it is important for more women to be encouraged to enter scientific disciplines.

“Why not? Just do it,” she said. “It is really clear diversity is good in all walks of life. The way I see it, I’ve been a scientist – and then I happened to be a woman.”

She said the key to getting more people to pursue careers in science and engineering is to “show everybody how interesting the subject is”.

She added: “It is so rewarding, it is so interesting, it is the most creative thing you can do.”

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