The Women and IT Scorecard – India has been launched on February 27, 2017 at the NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Summit in Bangalore.

We are very pleased to be able to present the spring edition of the 2017 Women in IT Scorecard- India. Information Technology has become the flagship industry underlying India’s recent presence on the global stage. Perhaps surprisingly, what is also notable is the relatively high and increasing numbers of women in IT in India in comparison to the small and falling numbers of women in this sector in the Western world. This report, for the first time, provides some of the statistics behind this pattern. It provides data on women’s employment patterns and leadership pathways within the India industry and situates it in a global context. It lays the foundation for understanding the similarities and differences between women’s participation in the IT sector in India and the UK.

The autumn edition of the 2017 Women in IT Scorecard – India will situate these statistics within the context of wider experiences of women and men in the sector. It will also look at the experiences of mobility especially to the UK. What does it mean to be a migrant IT worker in this global industry?