Today on International Women’s Day the Women’s Equality Party is proud to announce its newly appointed interim Party Leader and 2020 London mayoral candidate. Together they are leading the way on collaborative leadership and representation of women in politics.

Professor Sue Black, renowned computer scientist, government adviser and social entrepreneur, is the Party’s London mayoral candidate for 2020.

Speaking about the announcement Sue Black said: “I left an abusive relationship 30 years ago as a single mother of three children. I know the the value of women’s services, childcare, education and communities because without them I wouldn’t have been able to rebuild mine and my children’s lives in the way I have. I now have an incredible career because of the opportunities I had, and I see the limitations politics is currently placing on women like me by taking away those opportunities. I want to change that.”

Mandu Reid, national spokesperson on equal parenting and caregiving, former candidate in the Lewisham East by-election, and CEO of period poverty charity The Cup Effect has been appointed interim party leader.

Mandu Reid said: “It’s extraordinary to me how far the Women’s Equality Party has come in four short years! We’ve provided political sanctuary for tens of thousands of people who are utterly fed up with the derelict state politics in Britain. It’s an immense privilege to be appointed interim leader, and I can’t wait to work with Sue Black and our incredible family of members and supporters to grow our movement and continue the fight for equality.”

Sophie Walker, Founding Leader of the Party, who resigned in January and now hands over to the new leaders said: “Mandu and Sue bring such talent and vision with them. I resigned in order to make space for new and diverse perspectives and I am delighted today to celebrate the Party’s new leadership. I can’t think of any better women to steer WE onwards and upwards.”