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If you have a role in the IT industry or you’re simply interested in technology and its impact in our evolving society, then when not join up with our group.

We host events, usually in the Toronto area, and we publish webcasts to reach a wider audience and keep all our members informed about technology issues and professional development opportunities.

We’re always interested to hear your views and ideas. If you want to get involved or have a suggestion for our activity schedule, then please get in touch with us at groups@bcs.uk.

Desmond Alvares, Chair

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About us

Our aim is to provide personal development and networking events for our members and prospective members, to keep them connected and engaged with the latest technology - across a broad industry and societal spectrum.

We host an annual lecture series which is aligned to topical themes and industry sectors. These are semi-formal events which promote an environment of shared learning, discussion and professional networking.