Communications services and the UK's economy

"CMA recognises that electronic communications nourish the UK's knowledge economy and are crucial to enterprise, innovation and competitive advantage. They enable organisations across all sectors to unlock business value by reducing operational costs, create jobs, and generate growth that provides financial stability for future investment. This also helps organisations earn both customer and employee loyalty.

We engage with all stakeholders on the implementation of EU electronic communications policies in the UK. We work closely with UK government and regulators, for example DCMS, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Ofcom, in order to help generate economic and social benefits for businesses and citizens alike, in the UK, EU and globally."

Universal access obligations

"CMA promotes the ongoing availability of, and access to, quality communications services at fair, reasonable and affordable rates for end users in the UK, including those in rural, insular, low income, and high cost areas at rates that are reasonably compared to those charged in urban areas."

Competition in the supply of communications services

"CMA challenges any restrictions to competition affecting the supply of communications services in the UK and always seeks the greatest benefits to end users in the shortest possible time. This includes promoting a light touch, technology-neutral regulatory regime. We recognise that competition always demands binding legal rules for access and interconnection, that deep competition is driven by competing services and infrastructure incentives, and that migration risks are felt by all operators and service providers."

Spectrum management

"CMA focuses on the implementation of EU Spectrum Policy across the UK, promoting the harmonisation of the conditions for the availability and efficient use of the radio spectrum. We work with government, regulators and other stakeholders, including standards bodies to ensure that international radio spectrum policy is co-ordinated whilst barriers to the availability and efficient use of spectrum are reduced. We also provide business users with information on UK Spectrum allocation and use."

A single European Internal Market

"CMA supports policies and activities aimed at reducing market fragmentation across the European Union, facilitating cross border commercial activities, promoting cross-border telecommunications services, and welcoming the entry of new competitors to the single European Internal Market. We work with INTUG in order to achieve these goals."