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This group provides help and support for early and mid-career computer science academics who are employed in Computing/Computer Science Departments involved in the development of tertiary Higher Education.

We welcome members with a diverse range of experiences including:

  • Post Docs taking up their first academic appointment at the start of their academic career.
  • Post Docs who are helping out with teaching as part of their career development in preparation for applying for an academic position.
  • Established Academics (international) new to the UK HE sector.
  • Early career academics who have been in their permanent post for a few years.
  • Mid career academics whose career is moving towards academic management.
  • Those transitioning from FE or College into their first HE job.
  • Those transitioning from industry into their first HE job.

Alan Hayes, Chair

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About us

The aim of our group is to ensure that computer scientists at their early to mid-career stage have a supportive community of practice to engage with that develops and shares best practice in the delivery of computer science education.