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DevSecOps is based on the concept that security is everyone’s responsibility. If you work within DevOps or simply want to find out more about this evolving methodology, why not come along to our next meeting!.

Do you have any ideas for our forthcoming programme? Would like to speak at a DevSecOps event? Please do get in touch at chairdevsecops@bcs.org.

Roy Harrow, Chair

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About us

DevOps is essentially about accelerating and automating the code development to deployment process. DevOps has embraced other synergistic developments such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, microservices and containers, and taken together these are fuelling fundamental changes in the way applications are developed and delivered. But as with many emergent technologies, management and security tend to be neglected - DevSecOps merges security into the DevOps function.

Our group is for anyone using or wanting to use these new tools and techniques in their role or organisation. We cover cultural, technical, management and security aspects at our meetings and events.