The DA specialist group will:

  • Provide a forum for all interested BCS members to develop an awareness of DA issues.
  • Champion the need for DA within the BCS by emphasising the exemplar role that the BCS should play in providing digitally accessible systems and processes for its members.
  • Champion the need for DA to be a cornerstone of all digital solutions.
  • Provide tools and techniques to inform IT professionals on DA best practice.

This will be achieved through the following work streams:

  • Maintenance of a Digital Accessibility Policy (DAP) for the BCS.
  • Promotion of the need for DA within the BCS and delivery of an annual status report on BCS DA.
  • Engagement with other specialist groups within the BCS where there is a clear synergy of interest.
  • Monitoring of the IT profession's awareness and understanding of DA issues through surveys and other mechanisms.
  • Provision of appropriate resources to inform the IT profession of DA issues.
  • Provision of tools and techniques to help individual IT professionals address DA issues in the normal course of their work.
  • Representation of the BCS on DA issues through membership and engagement with appropriate external organisations.
  • Engagement with the ICDL Foundation, SFIA+ and Professional Certification programmes to ensure that DA best practice is embedded throughout these areas.