Welcome to our group!

Welcome to Digital Medicines. The purpose of our specialist group is to be a respected and recognised national voice for Pharmacy/Medicines Informatics and for the informatics needs of all pharmacists and their patients.

Our main goals centre around professionalism and learning and development needs – qualifications, job roles, professional development opportunities and career pathway, as well as engagement with the pharmacy regulator, pharmacy professional bodies, educators and other stakeholders.

If you want to get involved or have any ideas for our forthcoming programme, please get in touch at groups@bcs.uk.

Amita Aggarwal, Chair

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To contact the group, please email groups@bcs.uk

About us

The Digital Medicines group aims to provide the opportunity to:

  • Bring together membership for peer support and networking.
  • Establish pharmacy/medicines expert views and opinions on specific topics and provide pharmacy representation on groups.
  • Provide expert Pharmacy/medicines Informatics input into the development of national standards for pharmacy.
  • Offer professional expertise and guidance to BCS in developing educational opportunities for pharmacy members.
  • Link with other professionals on utilising informatics to optimise medications ensuring this is a multi-professional approach.

We will meet at least quarterly, either in person or virtually so as to not hinder attendance based on geographical location. The location of group meetings will be varied and at locations that ensure accessibility and inclusivity of all members.