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Enterprise architecture

  • The Open Group
    Home of TOGAF, The Open Group Architecture Framework.
    The official UK MOD Architecture Framework home.
  • TM Forum
    Defines the NGOSS Business Process Framework and the SID Information Framework, for telco service providers.
  • FEAC Institute
    Enterprise Architecture EA Zone and EA Zone Journal by the FEAC. A variety of resources - based in the USA.
  • Enterprise-wide IT Architecture (EWITA)
    A reference site and community resource for Enterprise-wide Information Technology Architecture (EWITA) or Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  • Association of Enterprise Architects
    Provides an forum for EA.

Architecture descriptions and notations

  • ISO Architecture
    Some information on the "Recommended Practice for Architectural Description of Software-Intensive Systems", including definitions of architecture and hints on viewpoints.
  • ArchiMate
    An EA modelling notation (part UML-inspired part SOA-inspired) now looked after by Open Group Forum. The notation is supported by some CASE tools.

Software architecture and technical architecture

  • IBM
    IBM's developer community. Again, a bit on the technical side. Also worth a look is the wiki
  • InfoQ
    Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community.

Architecture blogs / podcasts

  • Software Engineering Radio
    Not strictly about EA but every good EA should know all about good software engineering. This European group produce quality information on all aspects of software, including some topics a little away from the mainstream use.
  • Nick Malik's blog
    Inside architecture.

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