Chair, Inclusion Officer, Early Careers Advocate, Educational Liaison Officer

Eur Ing Brian Tompsett BSc MSc CEng CITP MBCS


Background: Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Hull, where I teach modules on the Internet, Computer Networking, Computer Security and Trustworthy Computing as well as Programming Languages and Compilers. My research is into internet crime and internet security issues, online identity and trust. I recently submitted evidence to the Parliamentary committee enquiries into Personal Internet Security, The Computer Misuse Act and Spam.

BCS Background: I have been a BCS member since 1982 and I am the Chairman of the Humberside branch, as well as being responsible for Membershp Secretary and  Educational Liaison and Disability issues.


Neil Gordon


Background: Neil Gordon is a senior lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull. His research interests include Technology Enhanced Learning and Information Systems, as well as the applications of mathematics in computer science, from Finite geometry and error correcting codes, through to Computer algebra, Safety and Reliability Analysis and Telehealth.

His early work in mathematics and Computer Science, and activities as an IT Advisor, and later as an educational technology advisor, have enabled his innovative work at the intersection of these discipline areas for over 20 years

Neil’s more recent work has focused on flexible pedagogy, providing students with choice, through the utilisation of emerging technologies - from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Learning Analytics, through to mobile learning - to enable students to choose where, how and when to study.

Webmaster and Public Relations Officer

Bryony Waring


Committee member


Background: Managing Director of LCS Group Limited, a Grimsby based IT consultancy & outsourcing business, having previously worked in a number of technical roles within the business since 2005.

Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2004 with a degree in Applied Computing & MSc in Professional Computing in 2010.

Paul is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer with particular interests in project management, virtualisation migration strategies, telephony & network convergence.

BCS Background: BCS member since 2003, elected MBCS in 2007, awarded CITP in 2009 and CEng in 2016.

Committee member

Matt McNally BSc CITP MBCS MInstLM

Background: I graduated in Computing and Geography from Staffordshire University in 1993 and have been working in IT for 25 years; for the last 12 in technology consulting specialising in collaboration and workplace technology.

Working for Accenture and CSC, I’ve advised major UK and international organisations on how best to use technology to improve the productivity and engagement of their staff by finding the right solution to suit the needs of the workforce and the desired culture of the organisation. In the last few years, this has focused around cloud-based solutions such as Google’s G Cloud, Microsoft’s Office 365 and the Salesforce ecosystem.

My previous background was in end user support and before that (in the days of Windows 3.11) installations, so I’ve spent my career at the sharp end of IT.

BCS Background: Member and CITP since 2006, I’ve recently joined the committee as I want to meet more people in the industry locally, and engage with people just starting their career in IT.

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