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We are a bunch of law, regulation and policy enthusiasts trying to work out how the IT sector is shaped and can shape the legal frameworks that apply to it.

We organise six major events each year in London.

We search for speakers internationally to help us address those questions that nobody really has the right answer to. Know anyone awesome?

We respond to national and international government consultations to give voice to all the IT folks that are too busy fighting fires to craft policy papers. Have any burning legal questions?

We want to grow and be heard, so join us to add your voice to BCS Law. Get in touch at groups@bcs.uk.

Dr Sam De Silva, CITP FBCS, Chair

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About us

We meet at events and conferences throughout the year to discuss IT law and the many wide-ranging legal implications of technology in today’s society.

We host speaker events where we hear from legal experts in the field of IT, and we publish articles relating to law. We also have extensive links with other groups across the BCS community.

Our focus priorities for 2019 and 2020 are:

  1. Cybersecurity obligations for businesses and lawful responses to cyber attacks
  2. Legal frameworks that apply to Blockchain projects
  3. Cloud choices and data localisation laws
  4. IT expert witness work

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