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We’re an active and well supported branch and it’s my pleasure to be the current chair.

We invite speakers from all aspects of computing and related industries who generously share their insight and time. Talks range from management to projects and operations and from case studies to emerging technology. Whatever the topic, you’ll always be guaranteed an informative and entertaining evening with plenty of questions from the floor and stimulating debate.

Everyone is welcome, members and non-members alike. If you have ideas for our forthcoming programme or would like to get involved, please get in touch with us at groups@bcs.uk

Dalim Basu, Chair

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About us

The programme of events is our main concern. It’s not just a wonderful source of professional development but is also a great way to engage as a community.

Events are social too. Talks are followed by lively and friendly networking with like-minded professionals over a drink and light refreshments.

We all learn best by hearing experts explain a subject area they love. The experience helps us remember what we learn. As decision makers and advisers, understanding what we know and more importantly what we don’t, is vital to practising as a professional.

Beyond that we reach out to people at different points in their career, presenting student prizes (each year we host student prize-giving for up to 11 universities), or helping with CV writing for example.

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