With the exception of the President, Officers are elected at the PHCSG AGM and serve for a period of two years.

  • Dr Nick Booth, President and FedIP Link
  • Dr John Robinson, Immediate Past Chair
  • Miriam Lemar, Chair
  • Dr Vije Rajput, Vice Chair
  • Roz Foad, Secretary
  • Dr Nilesh Jain, Treasurer
  • Dr Mary Hawking, National Issues, CLICSIG Summariser and Website Officer
  • Grizelda Moules MSc, MAMS, Dip TEFL, Events (Conference) and AGM Minutes Secretary
  • Dr Robert Treharne Jones, Press Officer
  • Dr Paul Singer, Membership
  • Dr Neill Jones, Professionalism
  • Dai Evans, CLICSIG
  • Jennie Johnson, Events (CLICSIG) and Social Media
  • Dr Merlin Dunlop, Primary Care Liaison
  • Richard Williams, University Liaison
  • Grant Anthony, Social Media
  • Ralph Akyea, Inclusivity Officer and Early Careers
  • Ian Thompson, Primary Care Liaison

Co-opted Committee Members

  • Dr Arjun Dhillon, RCGP and NHS Digital

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Julian Costello a member of the committee and a long term member of the group.

The Committee consists of elected and co-opted PHCSG Members. The Committee normally meet four times a year to look at all group activities and discuss / decide upon the future direction of the Group Committee.

Most meetings are held virtually, the others are held at the London Offices of BCS.

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