Cameron Patterson CITP MBCS

Cameron Patterson CITP MBCS, cyber security consultant, explains why he became CITP professionally registered and how demonstrating you’re a competent IT professional makes your CV stand out to hiring managers.

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What our members say

The role that BCS plays in providing informed advice and influence into Government and legislation, and creating a template for young people to enter the sector and prosper is invaluable.

Stuart Muckley MBCS

Joining BCS has enabled me to develop myself, including public speaking, encouraging diversity and inclusion in the Tech industry and collaborating events and ideas with professionals nationwide

Andrew Shaw MBCS

BCS has provided me with SFIAplus, a development tool I used during my early career goals. The access to webinars and local events has been invaluable.

Jag Sohal MBCS

After over 25 years working in IT and business change, I continue to find it reassuring that BCS always has something valuable to offer towards my professional development and recognition.

Mark Ainsworth MBCS