Professional RITTech registration recognises the technical competence and commitment that you bring to the workplace. If you’ve finished your apprenticeship end-point assessment (EPA) in a digital IT role, then you’re ready to apply.

Become a trusted professional

Take your place on the public RITTech register and start raising your profile in the industry. With the letters RITTech after your name you’ll instantly stand out as a trusted IT professional to employers, colleagues and customers.

Want to know more?

Watch the video below to find out more about becoming a trusted professional.

Is there a registration fee?

If you've successfully completed a digital / IT apprenticeship through BCS* we’ll award you RITTech for free!

Registration lasts for three years and you’ll also become a BCS Associate member for one year, with access to all our professional development tools and opportunities. After the one year free period ends, you will need to continue and maintain professional membership in order to keep your RITTech status.

Also, if your employer is part of a BCS organisational scheme, RITTech registration may already be available to you - please speak to your employer to find out.

*or through any RITTech-accredited End Point Assessment Organisation.

How do I apply?

If you completed your digital IT apprenticeship in the last 12 months, we can fast-track your application. This means there’s no further assessment involved - we just need you to provide your details and sign up to the BCS code of conduct.

Industry recognition from the start

  • RITTech is the only professional IT standard that defines the capabilities of a practitioner in the early stages of their career.
  • The standard recognises technical competence in a wide range of specialisms, drawing on an individual’s knowledge, skills and integrity.
  • It’s not a qualification but a reflection of your ability and professionalism - giving you industry recognition and a head start in your IT career.

"I would advise other digital and IT apprentices to consider RITTech as it gives you that opportunity to be recognised by potential employers and fellow professionals to help push your future career forward."

Katy Housden
Marketing Account Executive, St. James Place Wealth Management