Professional RITTech registration recognises the technical competence and commitment that you bring to the workplace. If you’ve finished your apprenticeship end-point assessment (EPA) in a digital IT role, then you’re ready to apply.

Become a trusted professional

Take your place on the public RITTech register and start raising your profile in the industry. With the letters RITTech after your name you’ll instantly stand out as a trusted IT professional to employers, colleagues and customers.

Is there a registration fee?

If you achieved a distinction in your apprenticeship, we’ll award you RITTech for free!

Otherwise, £45 is all it costs - registration lasts for three years and you’ll also become a BCS Associate member, with access to all our professional development tools and opportunities.

If your employer is part of a BCS organisational scheme, RITTech registration may already be available to you - speak to your employer to find out.

How do I apply?

If you completed your digital IT apprenticeship in the last 12 months, we can fast-track your application. This means there’s no further assessment involved - we just need you to provide your details and sign up to the BCS code of conduct.

Industry recognition from the start

  • RITTech is the only professional IT standard that defines the capabilities of a practitioner in the early stages of their career.
  • The standard recognises technical competence in a wide range of specialisms, drawing on an individual’s knowledge, skills and integrity.
  • It’s not a qualification but a reflection of your ability and professionalism - giving you industry recognition and a head start in your IT career.

"When customers and companies see my RITTech title, they ask what it stands for and then are impressed when I tell them - and that is a great feeling."

Nicole Covey
Z Series Software Support Specialist, IBM