Executive committee

Philip Crewe
IT Director, Design and Technologies, Royal Mail Group

Immediate Past Chair and Inclusion Officer
Jacqui Hogan

Chris Pinnock

Ian Golding

Cyber Security Leader, Event Coordinator & Publicity
Dr John McCarthy
CEO, Oxford Systems

Dr David Miller
Emmanuel Ojo Ademola
Jeremy Acklam
Ibukun Emmanuel
Shakeeb Niazi
Algirdas Pakštas
Haiyan Wu
Dr Jon Hall
Dalim Basu

In addition to the committee, there are several regional representatives of ELITE:

North England and Midlands Regional Chair
Chris Cahill
Hermes Europe

Scotland Regional Chair

South East England Regional Chair

Thames Valley Regional Chair
Michael Buckland

The committee's terms of reference

The BCS IT Leaders Forum ToR should be read in conjunction with the BCS Member Group rules.

Contact us

To contact a member of the committee, please email itleaderscommittee@bcs.org.uk referencing their name/title at BCS IT Leaders Forum.

Executive committee