Richard Gunstone

Richard GunstoneI'm am information security and assurance consultant, and in one form or another I help organisations and senior leaders design, start and run effective cyber security practices. I am a Certified Senior Level Senior Security and Information Risk Advisor, and a Chartered IT Professional. I've experience at a variety of levels, including HM Government IAS1. I am a mentor in the BCS Career Mentoring Network and ISO / IEC 27001 Certified Lead Implementer. Please see my professional website for further information.

I'm a CESG Certified Professional / Chartered Professional Member of the BCS (CCP CITP MBCS). I also hold the BCS Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP with Distinction).

BCS is an important institute through which professional development can continue beyond education (e.g. university). I think the BCS is a must in the connected world of today. Our efforts at BCS increase the societal debate about new technology, the benefits as well as the broader implications, supporting the goal of a connected, digital economy. We must all play a part in making that happen.

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Paul Jenkins

Paul JenkinsPaul Jenkins is a Lecturer in Computer Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth. He is the former Head of Information Technology Wing at the Defence School of Communications and Information Systems, Ministry of Defence, UK, where he was responsible for ICT and Engineering training of military personnel to degree level. He gained his PhD in 1988, in Engineering (Applied Mathematics and Computing) from Cardiff University, UK.

He has worked for Glamorgan University as a Senior Lecturer in Computing, followed by a period as Quality Assessment Manager for the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. He joined the Ministry of Defence, UK in 2008 as Head of Information Systems (DCCIS), then Deputy Head of ICT Faculty (DSCIS) and finally Head of IT Wing. In addition, he is the treasurer for the British Computer Society (Dorset Branch). His research interests include Fuzzy Logic, Computer Security, Software Engineering, Forensics, Big Data, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.

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Education Liaison Officer
Geoffrey Darnton

Geoffrey DarntonAfter graduating with my first degree, I worked on research projects that involved computer simulation: the largest computer simulation of the economic effects of the UK joining the EEC; using econometric techniques to monitor arms control agreements; simulations based on Forrester's World Dynamics.

My first job following that period of research was introducing computer science and computer studies to a school's curriculum as Head of Computer Studies. This was before the days of the internet and PCs, so I had kids in class building their own computers - they had a very good understanding of how a computer works! Then I moved on to a variety of roles and jobs in what was then the world's 2nd largest computer company - DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) working on VAXes. I was exiled to Geneva for a while as their European Methods and Tools Manager. I did a variety of technical and management roles managing a European group of consultants - working on complex problems at their 4th level of escalation. I became a Principal Business Consultant and wrote a book with Sergio Giacoletto (VP at DEC, moved on to be European VP for Oracle) - "Information in the Enterprise: it's more than Technology".

After those years in industry, I moved into academia as Head of Information System - academic and management roles, which changed to managing an MSc Management framework. DEC gave millions of USD to various universities and one of my roles was to visit some and monitor their research programmes.

My current BCS relevant research topics: history of the ISDOS and PSL / PSA projects' influence on requirements modelling; metametamodelling; Carnap; political and social implications of computer-supported technology. I have been associated with several IEEE standards in software engineering. To support an Educational Liaison role, I hold two teaching qualifications - QTS and FHEA - covering the whole spectrum from schools to higher education.

I have been a member of BCS since 1984, starting as a Member (MBCS). Subsequently I acquired Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and Chartered Engineer (CEng). I am a Life Member.

I joined the BCS because I wanted to maintain professional links. I also joined ACM and IEEE (only BCS and ACM current now).

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Industrial Liaison Officer
Ryan Trant

Ryan TrantI started my journey in IT from rung one of the ladder as an IT support technician back in the 90's. Since then I have progressed and traversed core business types a few times from mostly construction firms but to law and many more besides acting as senior manager & qualified project manager in these positions since 2008. I love IT & Comms and have a real passion for putting together / replacing whole infrastructure set ups including every colour coded cable you can imagine and as much resilience as an employer will back me with in terms of hardware redundancy architecture. I even studied at Bournemouth College to gain my IT Teaching Diploma to help pass my knowledge to others.

BCS Membership / Qualifications - MBCS, MLPI

I joined BCS because I believe that after being lucky enough to work in a nourishing career for a good period of time I should be putting back into the profession. I act at present as Industrial Liaison Officer for the committee as I have a wealth of industry contacts within our area who can offer our members insights into the mechanics of the use of IT in their organisations. We have some very big worldwide names in IT in Dorset and I'm working with them to bring lectures / talks our way.

I volunteer for BCS because I realised this was the correct thing to do almost immediately after meeting my fellow committee members who all compliment each others knowledge to bring real worth to members and the organisation. IT is a massive subject and no one person could ever master all of it.

Inclusion Officer
Phil Buckley-Mellor

Phil Buckley-MellorI've been an infrastructure architect for nearly thirty years, mostly in banking but for the last twelve years designing BT TV / BT Sport datacentres. I specialise in servers, storage and virtualisation.

BCS Membership / Qualifications - MBCS, CITP

I joined the BCS because I enjoy working with others to encourage new IT professionals and promote professional IT approaches.

I volunteer for the BCS because I like to do what I can to support the organisations I believe in.

Committee members

Tony Ford

Tony FordI have enjoyed over 30 years of Information Technology within the communications industry, mostly at a senior board level for an Internet Service Provider, but I am equally at home as a consultant to aligned sectors within the communications market. I consider myself very fortunate within my career to have worked on some amazing projects, that luckily still continue to arrive on my desk, allowing me to witness first hand some amazing emerging technologies evolve and shape our very future.

My favourite technology (it has lasted for 15 years) is Wi-Fi, which continues to keep me busy, although the technology today is a million miles from where we started, it has been an extremely interesting journey.

BCS Membership / Qualifications - Professional Member (MBCS)

I joined the BCS to widen my professional network and meet and engage with like-minded individuals.

I volunteer for the BCS because I am a strong believer in the promotion of education and skill transfer for the benefit of future generations, and through the BCS I can participate just a little in that belief.

Shannon Johnston

David Bain