12 November 2019

“Manchester’s Etihad Stadium is set to host BCS’s first live cyber security eSport - the Cyber Crime Cup™ - which takes place at Cyber Crime 2019 on Monday 25 November 2019. With less than a month to go - tickets are going fast.”

Organised by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Cyber Crime 2019 - the annual cyber security event - is open to everyone. Adrian Thompson, Chair - BCS Preston and District says: “Visitors can enjoy the exhibition, conference and the opportunity to watch live our new eSport; an ethical hacking competition - which shows what happens when a security attack occurs and is incredibly exciting to watch. Up until now, live cyber security hacking events have not been considered or staged as an eSport, but the Cyber Crime Cup™ aims to change that.”

Adrian continues: “The UK’s top two university hacking teams will be competing against each other -in front of a live audience - to win a 5ft tall silver trophy, a share of the £2,500 prize fund and a Blackphone each. With live commentary throughout - spectators can enjoy watching the tournament and will be able to follow every move and learn about hacking prevention.”

Visitors will also be able to attend the Cyber Den for a series of presentations on ground-breaking cyber security services as well as the conference which will provide great insights into emerging cyber security technologies.

Adrian concludes: “It’s a great opportunity to see how your identity, your computer, your website, your sensitive data and your business can be hacked, but more importantly - how it can be secured.”

For more information on Cyber Crime 2019 - www.bcs.org/cybercrime2019

Cyber Crime 2019 eSport is at 3:00pm

See online qualifying results and follow the action during the Live Final (25 Nov) on Live Leader boards. 

Note to editors

233 students on 65 teams from 35 universities have participated in Cyber Crime Cup with 41 teams from 22 universities successfully completing at least one challenge.

During the Online Qualifying Round, comments from student teams included: “That was a brilliant challenge, we’re all big fans of that!” Ric Derbyshire (LU HACK, Lancaster University)

“I just wanted to emphasise how much our members are enjoying the challenges so far, we're constantly on edge waiting for new ones!” Jon Richardson, Sheffield Ethical Student Hackers Society (SHEFESH), University of Sheffield

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