Stakeholder group Benefit of this approach
Tax payers and public A more efficient, safer, evidence-based health and care system
Patients Safer and faster health care with all parts of the service relying on the same core knowledge
Health professionals Rapid access to the most recent high-quality health and care knowledge to all parts of a distributed team
NHS Trusts and Health Boards Safer health care delivered by professionals at all levels following a complete and consistent knowledge base
Improves working lives, helping clinical staff build confidence, and providing learning with every experience
Lower rates of litigation and staff burnout
Clinical commissioners Safer, more efficient, evidence-based care delivered by all professionals following a consistent knowledge base
Guidance producers A simple, fast route to market for their guidance products
Medical publishers and software developers Access to a common core of health and care knowledge in standard format as a basis for value-added products
Regulators of clinicians, services and devices; courts of law Easy access to the defined knowledge base of health and care, exactly as it was at the time of a specific incident in the past.
The UK Economy A new high-value knowledge ecosystem that generates highly skilled jobs and opportunities for innovation, enterprise and global revenue.