Never change yourself

Daniel Sprich wants to play his part in helping people to find their place in the oil and gas industry, and for them to flourish as a result.

The ability to attract a diverse workforce is essential. For firms to do this they need to ensure they provide an environment in which people feel safe, secure and confident being themselves. The reason is simple: people who feel good about themselves do good work.

Tell us who you are and about your experience

My name is Daniel Sprich and I work as an IT&S solution manager global operations in BP's upstream business. I am also co-chair of the BP Pride UK network.

When I joined BP more than five years ago, I learned about BP Pride and also met colleagues who were out at work. This has helped me to be myself when starting my career in BP.

Why is this important to you?

I want to play an active part in showing LGBT+ people that we can flourish and pursue our careers in BP and the oil and gas industry.

What challenges have you faced in your career?

After university, I joined a small-medium sized mechanical engineering company which didn't have a D&I agenda and there was no visible support for LGBT+ people in place. So, I decided to cover who I am. Although I liked the job, I was never able to bring my true self to work.

How does the profession need to progress / develop?

We need to continue fostering an inclusive work environment to attract, develop and retain the best people. The most important thing is to talk about LGBT+ topics in the office, allowing us to share with non-LGBT+ colleagues and to provide a safe space. This can happen informally over a coffee or more formally in LGBT+ events or training. People should be encouraged by line managers and senior leaders to attend these events.

What one piece of advice would you give to others?

You are only at your best, when you are yourself. When you are not accepted for who you are, then always change the circumstances and never change yourself.