Adijat TowolawiTell me about yourself?

My name is Adijat Towolawi. I completed my undergraduate degree in computing and I currently work as an IT Support Analyst at Dagbs Nigeria Limited (a telecommunication firm contracted to work in Chevron Nigeria).

How did you discover BCS International Higher Education Qualifications?

I found out about BCS International Higher Education Qualifications through a social media post about earning a higher degree during the covid-19 pandemic.

What levels of the programme did you study?

I am currently studying BCS Diploma in IT.

Did you self-study or study through a centre?

I am studying online through a study centre called BNT.

Did you work alongside your study?

Yes I am working alongside the HEQ course as an IT Support Analyst.

Did the other students on your course have a similar background to you?

Not everyone has an experience in IT.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The interaction in class and way the tutors break down every single detail in each module, regardless of student’s prior exposure to the course.

Did you change your mind on your chosen career path/ ambition whilst studying were you always interested in software development?

I had always been interested in software development. It is highly in demand in the IT world of work today. When I was studying previous to working in the field of IT and studying the BCS Diploma in IT, I did not have a good background at the undergraduate level.  Working in the IT profession, a lot of things make more sense to me now, than before.

How relevant is the BCS qualification to what you are doing now?

It is a huge part of my career and is helping me develop skills such as automating processes in my organisation.

Do you hold BCS membership? If yes, what grade and how has membership of BCS helped you?

I recently became a part of the membership and still a student member. Through my membership I have been receiving career development advice and have been attending BCS workshops online.

What are your plans? 

I wish to continue improving and developing my knowledge in other to gain better career opportunities in the IT profession.

Would you recommend BCS higher education to someone thinking about a career in IT

Definitely, the modules in BCS HEQ are designed to help anyone reach their professional potential in the IT industry.

If you had one piece of advice to someone else, what would it be?

Developing a skill in technology, if taken seriously will lead to rewarding and lucrative careers.