Former BCS HEQ student, Mauritius
Specialism: IT infrastructure

Imtiaz is a well-known face in the IT sector in Mauritius. For the last 10 years he’s been working in IT solution implementation at various levels, specialising in server and network infrastructure.

After starting out as an IT technician, Imtiaz was in his thirties when he began his BCS higher education qualifications, opting for the self-study route and continuing to work alongside his studies.

Having completed the full programme up to the level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, he’s now an IT manager for a big conglomerate in the food industry and has also been involved in the design and implementation of IT projects overseas.

What inspired you to study technology?

I started my career as an IT technician and wanted to develop over and above my technical qualifications.

How did you discover BCS International Higher Education Qualifications?

BCS has been delivering qualifications in Mauritius since 1989. We’re proud to have been the first country outside the UK to have a Regional Office representing the Institute in this region of the world.

The higher education programme first grabbed my attention in an IT forum where BCS Regional Manager, Iqbal Boolaky was introducing BCS to students and other members of the forum. Thanks to Mr Boolaky’s enthusiasm, I immediately recognised the great advantage that this UK degree-level qualification would have for my career and the opportunities it could bring me.

What levels of the programme did you study?

I started from scratch with the first level, the BCS level 4 Certificate in IT, and progressed through all the levels over the course of my study. When I got to BCS level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, I focused on IT infrastructure as my specialism.

Did you self-study or study through a centre?

I’m a self-learner, studying on my own over a period of three years.

Did you work alongside your study?

Yes, I was as IT administrator in a well-reputed firm, which enabled me to finance my academic studies.

It was difficult working over eight hours a day and then studying, and it was not always easy to find the proper balance between work and study. It would become especially stressful when I was nearing an exam. But it was well worth all the hard work.

Did the other students on your course have a similar background to you?

They didn’t really as some of them were fresh out of leaving school.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I found the syllabus very thorough and comprehensive. The curriculum is tailored to the latest IT trends in the industry so I was reassured knowing by the end of the course I would be professionally ready to face the market.

Did you change your mind about your chosen career path during your study?

No, not really as I was always fascinated by servers and network infrastructures, but my study led me to appreciate the many other aspects of this field. My studies with BCS also broadened my mind around IT ethics and the importance of a code of conduct and today I’m proud to be a member of BCS, my professional body.

How did you feel when you completed the programme?

It was a great feeling because gaining a BCS qualification is not an easy task. The standards are so high and it’s only through hard work and dedication that you can achieve it. So I was overjoyed when I got my professional project result and I feel incredibly proud of my success.

How relevant are your BCS qualifications to what you’re doing now?

My BCS Professional Graduate Diploma has given me the right skill set to apply all the SFIA* levels in my day to day running of the IT department in my work. And it adds a whole level of professionalism to my technical and logical approach.

Are you a BCS member? If so, how has membership helped you?

Yes, I am a Professional (MBCS) member of BCS which has enabled me to raise my profile at work and among other IT professionals in the sector.

What are your plans now?

My aim is to gain further recognition from my peers by achieving Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status with BCS and eventually Fellowship (FBCS). Besides this, I am pursuing professional certification from leading IT courses.

Would you recommend BCS higher education to someone thinking about a career in IT?

Yes I highly recommend this programme of study whether you’re thinking about starting a career in technology or you’re already working in IT, as I was, and want to develop your competencies and take your role to the next level. It absolutely worked for me!

If you had one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

My advice would be to not rush through the qualification, take it in your stride and get work experience alongside your BCS journey. If you love your job you’ll not have to work a single day of your life, as the saying goes. BCS allows a person passionate about IT to fulfil this saying.

*Skills Framework for the Information Age

“If you love your job you’ll not have to work a single day of your life, as the saying goes. BCS allows a person passionate about IT to fulfil this saying.”

Ahmad Imtiaz Hossanee MBCS