Where possible, please can candidates pay their registration fees by credit card.
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HEQ course provider fees

Description Price
Accreditation licence fee £500.00
Accreditation portfolio of products fee (once only fee) £350.00
Accreditation licence fee renewal £500.00


HEQ written examination fees

Description Price
Certificate in IT (fee per module) £45.00
Diploma in IT (fee per module) £50.00
Professional Graduate Diploma in IT (fee per module) £90.00


HEQ professional project submission

Description Price
Diploma in IT level £75.00
Professional Graduate in IT level £105.00
For candidates in Mauritius only: Postage contribution for subsequent courier despatch to BCS. (All projects undergo a validation exercise followed by a viva with concerned members. This is conducted by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES) and this fee covers those costs). £35.00


HEQ exemption fees

Description Member
Non-member price
Qualifications on the accreditation of prior learning No charge No charge
Modular exemption - Certificate and Diploma (fee per module) £17.00 £26.00
Module exemption - Professional Graduate Diploma (fee per module) £28.00 £40.00


Other fees

Description Price
Individual module certificate request £26.00
Certificate copy  £20.00
Appeal or remarking (fee returned if upheld) £100.00


Student membership fees

Description Price
Annual student membership £30.00
Entire course fee (4 year duration) £40.00