Olusunmade AdedamolaTell me about yourself, and who or what inspired you to study technology? 

My name is Adedamola, I’m a 16 years old male who loved technology since Primary school. My father encouraged me to join a Computer club in my Primary school which made me love computers very much. My dad and my cousins work in technology and they’ve always been my source of motivation to study computer science.

How did you discover BCS International Higher Education Qualifications?

My dad and cousin introduced me to the BCS International Higher Education Qualifications.

What levels of the programme did you study? 

 I studied and wrote exams for the Certificate in IT, comprising modules in Computer Networks and Technology, Software Development and Information Systems.

Did you self-study or study through a centre?

I studied through a centre but also did a lot of personal studies.

Did the other students on your course have a similar background to you?

Most either graduates or undergraduates looking to get additional qualifications. I was the only high school graduate in the class.

What did you enjoy most about the course? 

I really enjoyed interacting with my fellow course mates and also learning more about Computers, how they work and how to use them efficiently.

Did you change your mind on your chosen career path/ ambition whilst studying were you always interested in software development?

I was always interested in Software Development and computers in general

How did you feel when you completed the programme?

I felt happy and fulfilled that I was able to gain more knowledge that will help me in the future.

How relevant was the BCS qualification to what you are doing now?

It’s very helpful as it’ll enable me to skip a year in the University. I hope to get admission into the second year of a three year programme.

Do you hold BCS membership? If yes, what grade and how has membership of BCS helped you? 

Yes I hold a BCS student Membership and hope to upgrade as soon as I have additional qualifications. My membership is supporting my additional studies and gain further knowledge about the field I want to study at university.

Would you recommend BCS higher education to someone thinking about a career in IT

Yes, I definitely would.

If you had one piece of advice to someone else what would it be?

I’ll encourage them to follow their passion, don’t do other professions just because you’re forced to, Do (Legal) things that makes you happy.